FX-STUFF Ruff // Phatt FX


FX-STUFF Ruff means instant gratification for anyone who is serious about sound. This collection of 175 phatt elements was designed with just one goal: to create the ultimate production toolbox. CHR & Hot AC radio producers will love it, yet its clean and sparkly sound works in many more environments.

Functionality is key: dozens of full blown FX are ready for immediate use on the air. FX-STUFF Ruff also features a ton of conveniently categorised work parts for when you need just that sound in your trailer, promo, commercial or game.

FX-STUFF Ruff takes your sound design to the next level. Start killing the blanks!
FX-STUFF Silk // Smooth FX


FX-STUFF Silk is the perfect match for Soft AC and News/Talk formats: a collection of sound design elements that combine class, transparency and positivity.

It consists of 178 smooth elements with all the functionality you’d come to expect from a traditional sound effect library – yet bringing something new and different to the table. Lots of full blown radio-ready effects and even more stripped-to-the-bone elements provide a new perspective on contemporary sound design.

FX-STUFF Silk takes your sound design to the next level. Start killing the blanks!


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