Client Type: Radio Station
Format Type: CHR
Logo Type: 4-note logo (current)

For a long time we’ve experimented with trying to successfully blend the sound of the two major radio markets: America, and Europe. We were looking for a common frequency, a common thread to bring these two vibrant markets together.

Five cutting edge numbers to simply mix and match into your current station imaging. If you are a CHR station looking for ‘that new sound’ in your upcoming radio jingles; this is the right place to start.

0Transatlantic Basic ID 1
0Transatlantic Basic ID 2
0Transatlantic Basic ID 3
0Transatlantic Basic ID 4
0Transatlantic Basic ID 5
Mash up ready, fitted to your unique vibe!

Create your own mini jingle package from these five unique themes. Expand with more themes, add/exclude/change the notes of the current 4-note logo, add speaking voices, even add singing voices. As these themes are mashup ready, the cost of this additional work is surprisingly affordable.

Each jingle is provided in three mix-outs: basic, medium and short versions. The package includes an exclusive licence for your market of 1 region/country for 2 years.

Call us and help us design your own custom jingle package featuring your station’s name and sonic logo – let’s get to work right away!

Visit our CONTACT page for details, or chat with us LIVE by using out BreezeBox Customer Service.